My love of photography began in 1975 while I was living in Houston. I had a Kodak 126 camera that I commandeered from my parents, and I used it to take pictures of anything that stood still long enough for me to frame it up in my viewfinder. I must admit that in those days I had more enthusiasm than skill, but I persevered. Later, around 1980, I received my first "real" camera, a 35mm Pentax K1000, as a birthday present from my parents. As before, it was rare to find me without my camera in hand, either photographing friends and family members, or else their pets and animals. All through high school I honed my photographic eye and deepened my love of the film medium, taking my first formal photography class and learning my way around a darkroom. In fact, in 1983, at the age of 16, I purchased a set of equipment and built a darkroom of my own at home. So it was only natural that I should declare Photography as my college major when I came to school at the University of North Texas, and it was with great pride that I was awarded my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography in 1997.

During those college years, I put my schooling to practical use working for various studios and photographers in and around Denton. It was with them that I was able to sharpen my skills in lighting and composition. In time I struck out on my own, moving toward medium format cameras and focusing on wedding and traditional portraiture. As the years passed and I became better known for my own work, I began branching into other areas and interests.

While I do create with digital equipment, and can certainly appreciate the benefits of the digital medium, I do still retain and maintain my film cameras and lenses. After all, it is hard to forget one's first love.